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15.07 - 15.08
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What is ReForum

Conceptually new
business event:

  • About current management strategies for motivating employees
  • On effective tools for improving engagement
  • On Happiness employees as possible business models

answer the following questions:

  • How to win the hearts of employees?
  • How to create their intrinsic motivation?
  • How to become a better place to work with a unique corporate culture?
  • How do staff attorneys brand?
How was it?
What is reforum?
is the difference in favour of optimists over pessimists in sales result
In the same time optimists medical expenses are lower for 30%.
billion euro is the sum that American business
has to loose because of the problems with employees’ motivation and engagement.
bigger is the earning power of those companies
which have stronger employees’ engagement.
is the difference in shareholder value of the company
between the companies with high and low employees’ attained engagements.
1,2 billion
dollars is the sum that spent to buy
which uses happiness like business model.
Leaders about happiness
Destiny of a person is set by his character. Destiny of the company is set by the organizational culture.
Tony Hsieh
CEO of the online shoe and clothing shop
Tony Hsieh
Rajendra S. Sisodia
A founding member of the Conscious Capitalism movement
Rajendra S. Sisodia
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Mental science professor
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Cali Ressler & Jody Thompson
Founders of CultureRx and creators of the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE).
Cali Ressler & Jody Thompson
Jenn Lim
CEO & Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness
Jenn Lim
Когда вкладываешь
всю душу в то, что создаешь, получаешь поистине бесценный результат.
Evgeniy Dyomin
Evgeniy Dyomin
Самый главный
залог успеха для лидера - ежедневный личный пример.
Tatiana Lukovetskaya
Chief managing Director of the retail division, ROLF
Tatiana Lukovetskaya
Objectives Reforum
The best result
To help Russian business reach better results by popularizing new people motivation methods.
To give to the business instruments and ready solutions for long-term perspectives talents’ engagement and inspiration.
Society leaders
To create leaders society that will change the methods and people motivation in Russia
A new view
To change the notion of business events in terms of show conference "Winning The Hearts".
Results Reforum
Aims to become a participant of the project?
You will discover
the experience of unique corporate cultures and employees motivation strategies creation from Russian and western business leaders.
You will get acquainted
with likeminded people and potential partners in the most unusual way because network is the main task for organizers.
You will get the instruments
for talents mobilization, implication and inspirationб who will correspond to your business level.
You save your time because
on the 7th and the 8th of November we will accumulate all the relevant information in the declared subject of the programme that was explored during a year of the project preparation.
You make the investments
into your personal and professional growth since the proposed solutions are universal and can be set at any business development stages.
You will definitely get inspired
for new achievements communicating with speakers and colleagues who share your idea of happy and effective business.
ReForum target audience
300 Heads
who develop internal and external brands of company will be the participants of the project.
  • CEO of western and Russian companies
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises owners
  • HR directors
  • T&D directors
  • Internal communication directors
  • Marketing directors
Cost of participation
Proposal for partners:
participated in the exhibition «Gallery Toolshops»
The cost of 250 000 rubles.
You can choose any of the options of this project:
Ticket category Standard 1 Standard 2 Optimum Business
48 500 48 500 68 500 99 000
Participation in ReForum, first day: Show-conference, “Toolshops” gallery  
New form of business meals by «Diamond Catering» (coffee breaks, lunches)
«Happy Box» and the participant pack with business surprises from organizers and partners of the project
Simultaneous interpreting
Transfer from Slavyanskiy boulevard metro station to SKOLKOVO campus
Participation in ReForum, first day: Work shops, “Toolshops” gallery  
Participation in Gala dinner and concert programme on November 7    
ReForum materials provision: speakers presentations, video materials, partners information base*    
VIP places at hall      
Lunch with speakers on the first day of ReForum      
VIP Lounge      
VIP wardrobe      
Participations fees (rubles) Standard 1 Standard 2 Optimum Business
48 500 48 500 68 500 99 000
When paying by bank participation from 15 July to 15 August 10%
It is possible to buy ReForum materials separately (promo code for downloading after the project)
Full cost of materials 14 000
Leaders about the capitalization of happiness
Как это было
Leaders about the capitalization of happiness

International and Russian businesses owners and heads will debate, prove, involve and share the best cases and practices of their employees hearts winning.

The programme
Revolutionary project needs revolutionary programme.
We will show you the examples and will transmit the organizational cultures’ experience where one of the main values is the employee’s heart. Will prove the direct control of the engagement for companies’ capitalization through the example of world statistic researches and real examples of Russian and Eastern companies.
Download programm Download programm
Reforum 2013
Creating the programme we
associate with the Heads of companies with unique corporate culture and analyze their business cases which can change employers and employees image about happy and productive work
We explore the influence of corporate culture and internal motivation
over the company profit and business capitalization in general relying on Kenexa and Gallup enquiries.
We know that one of the main company competitive strengths
for today is the employee with a strong commitment that creates deliverable!
We will be glad to get your ideas
and recommendations at since our project is an open one.
We stand up for employee’s !
ReForum address
Barvikha Luxury Village concert hall
8th km of Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse
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Julia Ryzhova
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ReForum 2014! Registration is open.
Leave your request now. This will help us determine
the venue and place everyone!

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ReForum 2014! Registration is open.
Leave your request now. This will help us determine
the venue and place everyone!

If you pay by bank participation from 15 July to 15 August
10% discount on all packages.

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