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key event on investments in human capital
and happiness in business
40 speakers from around the world
650 international and Russian of top managers
Edutainment: Education through entertainment
Community leaders with sense
Change business architecture

What is ReForum

Conceptually new business event:

  • about actual management strategies motivated employees
  • On effective tools for improving engagement On Happiness
  • employees as possible business model

Conference to answer questions:

  • How to win the hearts employees?
  • How to create their intrinsic motivation?
  • How to become a better place to work with a unique corporate culture?
  • How do employees lawyers brand?
As it
in 2013
optimists outperform pessimists in terms of sales,
with medical expenses optimists 30% lower.
average costs American businesses
lack of motivation and emotional involvement of employees.
higher profitability of companies
to higher levels of employee engagement.
difference in shareholder value
high and low employee engagement.
1,2billion bought, which uses happiness as a business model.
Through the happiness of their employees, the company increased business efficiency by 37% and sales by 31%.

Feedback from participants

Leaders of happiness

Модель мотивации сотрудников

Компании, которые имеют ценности и артикулируют их привлекательней для работников. Ценности важнее технологии.

Дженн Лим
Партнер Тони Шейя по, генеральный директор Delivering Happiness
Дженн Лим
Чем больше Вы даете информации своим сотрудникам, тем больше они берут на себя ответственности.

Чем больше Вы даете информации своим сотрудникам, тем больше они берут на себя ответственности.

Гор Нахапетян
Московская Школа Управления СКОЛКОВО, член Координационного совета
Гор Нахапетян

Главная задача компании – найти своих людей и помочь им раскрыться.

Артем Агабеков
Фабрика Окон, Adventum
Артем Агабеков

Ответственность за свое счастье сотрудник и работодатель разделяют пополам. Только так это работает.

Игорь Стоянов
Основатель проекта ПЕРСОНА
Игорь Стоянов

Судьбу человека задает характер. Судьбу организации – корпоративная культура.

Тони Шей (Tony Hsieh)
CEO онлайн-магазина одежды, обуви и аксессуаров
Тони Шей (Tony Hsieh)

Менеджмент не по принципу страха, а согласно принципам счастья – это новый капитализм.

Доктор Раджендра С. Сисодиа
Профессор глобального бизнеса в Babson College
Доктор Раджендра С. Сисодиа

Поток – это состояние максимальной концентрации всех душевных сил на любимом деле.

Михай Чиксентмихайи
Создатель теории о состоянии «потока», профессор психологии, бывший декан факультета Чикагского университета
Михай Чиксентмихайи

Долой систему офисного рабства. Ультимативно продуктивная рабочая среда – это офис 21ого столетия.

Кали Ресслер и Джоди Томпсон
Основатели компании CultureRx
Кали Ресслер и Джоди Томпсон
Когда вкладываешь

всю душу в то, что создаешь, получаешь поистине бесценный результат.

Евгений Демин (SPLAT)
Владелец компании SPLAT
Евгений Демин (SPLAT)
Самый главный

залог успеха для лидера - ежедневный личный пример.

Татьяна Луковецкая
Главный управляющий директор розничного подразделения РОЛЬФ
Татьяна Луковецкая

Targets reforum

The best result

help business in Russia to achieve the best results, popularizing new approaches to motivate people.

Society leaders

Create a society leaders, changing attitudes and motivation of people in Russia.


Give businesses the tools and solutions to attract, engage and inspiration talent for the long term.

new representation

Change the perception of the business activities show an example conference Winning The Hearts.

The results

You will learn about the experience

create a unique corporate culture and employee motivation strategies of Russian and Western business leaders.

you invest

in your personal and professional growth, as proposed solutions are practical and can be implemented at different stages of business development.

You will receive tools

to attract, engage and inspiration talents, with the scale of your business.

You save your time,

since November 7 and 8, we accumulate all the relevant information in the stated themes of the program, studied for a year the project preparation.

You will meet like-minded

and future partners the most unusual way, since network is the main task of the organizers.

You are sure to be inspired

for new achievements, communicating with speakers and colleagues who share the idea of ​​a happy and productive business!

for whom

capable of increasing
the involvement
of employees

You know that your company need destvitelno

Do you know what your company can become a better market

You know the financial performance of business

You know the "weak points" of corporate culture

Do you understand what approaches to motivation will work most effectively

You - media brand value

if you

  • CEO of Western and Russian companies
  • Owners of small and medium businesses
  • HR-director
  • T & D-director
  • Director of Internal Communications
  • Director of Marketing
in the project


International and Russian owners and managers of businesses

will argue to prove to involve and share international best practice case studies and in winning the hearts of their employees.

Alexey Marey

Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Member of the Board of Directors

Vladimir Gerasichev

Founder and business-trainer of “Business Relations”


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Happy box and pack the party with business surprises from organizers and partners of the project
Participation in ReForume, 2nd day master classes, workshops, gallery Toolshops
simultaneous translation
Part in a gala dinner and concert program November 7
Providing materials ReForuma: presentation speakers database partners
VIP-seats in the hall
Dinner with the speakers on the first day of the event
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research results will be announced in 2014 framework of People Management ReForum «Winning The Hearts» Russia

accept applications until
September 7, 2014
Best Employers
Study 2014

what is it?

study Best Employers was first held Aon Hewitt in the U.S. in 2001 and since then repeated annually.

By 2003, the study went international employers to establish and Reting already in more than 35 countries.

Over the last 5 years in the study involved more than 7,000 companies in 60 countries, surveyed more than 5 million employees.

In Russia has been conducted since 2006. It was attended by 250 companies on the market rossiskih.

study contains
more than 83 metrics,
for assessing:

  • Factors affecting the turnover of staff
  • degree of involvement of the different age groups
  • degree of loyalty to the leadership
  • true reasons for job satisfaction
  • comparison rossiskih Highest European indicators
conducted by


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Odintsovo district,
village. Skolkovo str. New,

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general partners of the project

Partners of the project

Information Partners of the project

organizational partner

recognized best-agency event in 2011 and 2012, is the winner of many Russian and foreign awards, including entered into short-lists of international awards in 2011 UK Event Awards and Gala Awards.

ACC "Podezhiki" successfully working on the Russian market for more than 11 years, having realized during this time more than 900 events around the world for leading Russian and international companies.

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how to reach us

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  • After

    turnstile and protection, turn left and exit the building. Further to the right, on the "zebra" to the structure 15. Fooling building 15 left to go to the gate number 1. Climb to the 5th floor, just one flight of stairs up and call bell.

Julia Ryzhova
Project manager
+7 (926) 553-36-73
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Olga Abramova
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Tatyana Roik
PR Project Director
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exhibition space in the gallery Toolshop?

Shamis Eugene about 20 years helping to develop and implement sustainable development projects for corporations, regions and cities with his team. Evgeniya Shamis about 20 years helping develop.

In addition to the core activities Eugene collaborates with projects aimed at development of the regions and corporations: TEDxPerm, regional economic forums, CityCamp (St. Petersburg), Shabuninskie reading (Volgograd), the program YBLF, Fair Projects (IREX), Alfa Fellowship, Scholarship Program Fund Potanin, young Leaders Forum (AIESEC). Eugene is on the Board of Trustees to be held in August 2012 in the Russian International Congress of AIESEC (110 countries, 1,400 participants).

Her clients from different sectors: Neft, Rusnano, Russian Railways, MTS, RUSAL, Orion-Pharma, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Eugene holds strategic sessions for management teams, acts as a facilitator and as a coach, moderator forums (main leading RusInnoMed Forum for Innovation in Medicine). teaches at the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation (program BA and MBA).

Who are Podezhiki?

Podezhiki - Agency strategic events full cycle. We organize events that solve business problems of our clients. We organize HR event, MICE, event marketing.

For 10 years Podezhiki implemented more than 800 projects in Russia and abroad.

What does the agency?

  • Comprehensive services to large corporate clients, organizing the entire spectrum of activities throughout the year;
  • organization of large-scale events.

Our customers

Our award

  • Award Ukrainian Event Awards 2013 - nominated for "Best Congress / Conference»
  • Best Event-agency 2012 (version AKMR)
  • Award "Golden Puzzle` 2012 "- nominated for" Best Team building project "
  • Best Event-agency 2011 (version AKMR)
  • «Corporate Event of the Year 2011»
  • shortlisted UK Event Awards 2011
  • Shortlist Prize Gala Awards
  • first place outgoing calls on the results of the magazine's readers «»